World’s most dangerous market: Maeklong Railway Market

Worlds most dangerous market: Maeklong Railway Market
The Maeklong Railway Market is located in Samut Songkhram, Thailand. From first glance the market would seem as familiar as any other open-air market selling tropical fruits, herbs and spices and fresh caught seafood under low hanging umbrellas.

The crowd weaves in and out through the market from vender to vender selecting whatever it is that they will need for the day. The only difference you may notice walking through this market is that you are actually walking on top of train tracks. The normal market experience will soon transform to one nearly unbelievable. A siren rings out, shoppers scatter and disappear and the venders will whip their produce away in a flash. Anything laying over the track will be quickly removed and the poles supporting the awnings will be drawn back until the train passes. This market has been here since 1905, prior to the setup of the railway. Venders push their awnings back into position and it is once again business as normal.

The train comes through seven times a day, seven days a week but it is not enough to drive these venders out. The venders and market goers have adapted to the railway and it is quite normal to those shopping at the Maeklong Railway Market. The Thais call the market Talad Rom Hoop Market, which translates to “Market Umbrella Pulldown.”

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