The World’s Smallest Pub: Dog and Bone

The Worlds Smallest Pub: Dog and Bone
When it comes to keeping a cozy pub, the owners of Dog and Bone have truly outdone themselves. This busy bar, which just so happens to be located inside of a phone booth, is only three feet by three feet. A bartender stands inside, tending to the steady stream of customers that frequent the tiny establishment.

Located in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, this pub has been used to bring attention to the fate of the Plough, a local pub that residents believe is a historical site of sorts—World War II soldiers drank there—and should be preserved as a drinking establishment.

If popularity means anything, then surely the creative bar owners will have drawn significant attention to their cause. Painted bright red and festooned with eye-catching decorations, the Dog and Bone is quite an impressive little pub.

Since the bar only boasts enough room for the bartender and their supplies, a line of patrons will form outside. Experiencing the magic of the Dog and Bone has definitely become a priority in this small village.

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