World’s most expensive chocolate: Knipschildt’s La Madeline

Worlds most expensive chocolate: Knipschildts La Madeline

Chocolate lovers all over the world can be divided into two groups: Fanatics and connoisseurs. And when it comes to the ultimate chocolate fix, only the very best and most exclusive will do. Luckily, there is a chocolate treat available to satisfy the most finicky palate: La Madeline au Truffe.

Worlds most expensive chocolate: Knipschildts La Madeline

Manufactured by the Knipschildt company, La Madeline au Truffe holds the world’s record for the most expensive chocolate in the world. It currently sells for a whopping $250 per order from the company’s official website. The product has a 7 day shelf life, and can only be ordered from the company on a “Next day shipping” basis.

The confection has been listed by Forbes magazine as the world’s most expensive chocolate. La Madeline au Truffe has also been rated by many as the most delicious, tasty, and satisfying. However, others feel that the confection is overrated and simply overpriced to soothe the vanity of those who can afford to order it.

But the overall reception to this amazing and very expensive chocolate product has been uniformly positive. Not only does La Madeline au Truffe have an excellent rating from its customers, it also boasts brisk sales on the international market.

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