World’s Largest Flashlight

Worlds Largest Flashlight

Most of us are used to thinking of flashlights in compact terms; we keep these handy little lights in convenient places in case of a power grid malfunction or similar catastrophe. However, the giant flashlight created by Zweibrüder Optoelectronics most likely won’t fit in your kitchen drawer. The length of a VW Golf, this incredible flashlight features a whopping 19 LED lights to light up your life.

However, all of this power doesn’t mean that the flashlight consumes a massive amount of energy. In fact, it requires about the same amount of power to keep a kettle going. Incredibly, this enormous flashlight can keep itself going for much longer than your standard household flashlight, too. With a capacity of 100,000 hours—or 11 years of illumination—this incredible flashlight proves that it possesses both immense size and power.

It’s no wonder that this amazing torch was initially presented at the Festival of Lights in Solingen, Germany; with attributes as incredible as these, this fantastic flashlight was built to impress.

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