The smallest woman: Jyoti Amge

The smallest woman: Jyoti Amge
The current world cord for smallest woman currently belongs to Jyoti Amge. Miss Amge became the smallest woman on record after her 18th birthday on December 16, 2001. Prior to that time, she was registered as the smallest teen in the world.

Jyoti Amge was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India as the fifth daughter to her parents. She weighed only 3 pounds when she was born, even though she was a full-term baby.

Miss Amge stands 22.06 inches tall and weighs only 12 pounds. She is currently the third smallest person ever recoded in history. The smallest person ever recorded is the current smallest man in the world, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, who stands at 21.5 inches tall.

Miss Amge lives with her family and is currently seeking a career in acting. She has appeared in several films, with American Horror Story 4 being the most well known of these movies.

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