The strongest forehead: John Ferraro

The strongest forehead: John Ferraro
Believe it or not, there is someone who is able to bend nine inch nails, hammer through sheet metal, force nails through wooden planks and bend coins using his extremely thick forehead, which is over twice the size of the average male’s! Not only that, but he allows people to break cinder blocks in half by dropping a bowling ball over his head. This man’s name is John Ferraro and naturally, he’s an extremely popular entertainer. The craziest thing of all is that this unnaturally large skull doesn’t come from any sort of disease or defect; because of this, Ferraro has admitted to thinking that it’s a genetic gift.

Despite the absolutely insane stunts that this entertainer does almost every single day, he hasn’t suffered at all from the impacts or blunt force trauma. Whereas the average human would go through terrible concussions, end up mentally disabled or even die, John barely even gets a headache. Although he says he was born with the skull that would eventually reach sixteen millimeters in thickness, it’s been proven that he hasn’t had anything added to it to make it tougher. According to Ferraro, he went through extensive training in order to make his skull stronger, reading through various training manuals and magazines to gain knowledge on how to better prepare himself.

In the end, though, he said the things that matter most are dedication, mental fortitude and perseverance. “Preparation, training and dedication to the goal in front of me enables me to have full confidence in my abilities. When it’s time to perform a stunt, its balls to wall. It’s time to get in the rage zone.”

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