World’s largest playable violin

Worlds largest playable violin
The largest playable violin in the world was handcrafted by mater violin makers in Germany. Markneukirchen, Germany is known for making exquisite string and brass instruments. The largest violin required 15 Vogtland artisans to create.

This violin was inspired by a beautiful violin made in the late 1700’s by Johannes Georg Shcönfelder II. The violin was completed on the 14 of June, 2010.

The violin measured in at 14 feet long and is 4.5 feet wide at its largest part. The weight of the violin came in at 220.5 pounds. The bow that was constructed for this violin was proportionate to the piece and was 15 feet long.

Worlds largest playable violin

To qualify for the largest playable violin in the world, the maker had to play the violin for the world record. It took several of the master craftsmen to complete this task, but the performance was completed. The violin as entered into the world record book in 2012.

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