World’s longest tongue: Adrianne Lewis

Worlds longest tongue: Adrianne Lewis
Adrianne Lewis is currently believed to have the longest tongue in the world. Measuring at four inches, it is believed that she has exceeded the current record holder whose tongue measures at 3.97 inches.

Ms. Lewis is an 18 year old college freshman that has posted videos on the Internet about her amazing tongue. She can actually touch her elbow with her tongue, curl her tongue under her chin, and roll her tongue without any assistance. With a little help from her finger, she can also touch her eyeball with her tongue.

She has sent in her submission to the World’s Records and is awaiting a review. When asked if there are any problems with having such a long tongue, Ms. Lewis stated that she bites it nearly every day and usually in the same place which can be very painful.

The tongue is the only muscle in the body that is not built around a bone. And contrary to popular belief, the tongue is actually made of eight separate muscles, not just one large one.

Worlds longest tongue: Adrianne Lewis

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