Solo per Due – the smallest restaurant in the world

Solo per Due   the smallest restaurant in the world
SOLO PER DUE – or “Just for Two” – is the smallest restaurant in the world: it has only one table and it takes just two people at a time. So there are no queues, no turns, and no waiting; all our attention is dedicated to the two people who have booked.

This singular characteristic has made SOLO PER DUE world famous, and it has become an unmissable experience for visitors to Italy, and particularly for the romantically inclined!

The building which houses SOLO PER DUE dates from the nineteenth century and is situated in a very evocative historical location; in the grounds there are the remains of a Roman villa. Carlo Bartolomeo Piazza (1703) identified them as the country villa belonging to the Latin poet HORACE, given to him by MECENATE. As well as admiring the mosaic floors and the portico of the villa, you can also visit the nearby Bandusia Fountain, close to the ruins, to which Horace dedicated one of his most celebrated poems.

When you pass through the gates of the restaurant you are surrounded by the garden which houses a magnificent collection of palms from all over the world, such as Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus martianus, Phoenix canariensis, Phoenix dactylifera, Phoenix reclinata, Butia capitata, Bhaea armata, Washingtonnia filifera, Sabal mexicana, Chamaerops humilis and several varieties of Cycas revoluta.

During warm weather guests can relax in the shade of a vine and enjoy a enchanting view across the valley, dotted with olive groves and vineyards, while on cold winter evenings they can settle with an aperitif in front of a roaring log fire.

Here you will find the libro dei pensieri, or, book of thoughts, where lovers who have come here from all over the world have recorded their stories, be they romantic, voluptuous or sad.

When you are ready for your meal, the lights go down, the atmosphere takes on a magical quality, and you can summon the waiter whenever you like with a silver bell.

Many of our guests say they feel that they have gone back in time, but perhaps it is just that our guests are the kind of people who are still able to feel moved…

Of course our menu is entirely based on the use of fresh ingredients, chosen each day according to the season.

The area around Vacone is a rich source of high quality, fresh produce; gastronomic specialities such as extra virgin olive oil, sheep’s cheese, a wide variety of wild mushrooms, wild fruits, homemade pasta and bread, exquisite meat, and local sweets and cakes.

SOLO PER DUE offers exclusively Italian cuisine, accompanied by wines from only the best cellars.

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