Smallest House In The World

Smallest House In The World
The smallest house in the world has been unofficially awarded to a house in the fishing village of Conwg, Wales. This six foot wide and 10 foot tall house holds the Guinness World’s Record for the Smallest House in Great Britain. However, since there are no other categories for this type of record, by default it also holds the title of Smallest House in the World.

Built around 1700, this house is only 72 inches wide and contains two rooms. A main room on the bottom and a small staircase leading to a sleeping area on the second floor is all that is contained in the building. It is completely made up as a home, with tiled floor, plaster covered walls, and storage areas for personal goods.

Smallest House In The World

The little fishing home has been kept as a tourist attraction for the area since the last owner moved out in 1900. Part of the tour explains that the last owner of the home Robert Jones, was 6’3” tall, making this a very cozy home.

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