World’s Smallest Roadworthy Car

Worlds Smallest Roadworthy Car
When Austin Coulson informed his family that he was going to build the world’s smallest roadworthy car, they were understandably skeptical. Although they maintained a great deal of faith in his ability to build the automobile, they were less confident that the vehicle would actually be approved for driving purposes. Coulson was not deterred, and threw himself into researching what he’d need to do in order to get the stamp of approval by authorities.

Worlds Smallest Roadworthy Car

The car was registered and inspected, and Coulson made sure that he observed all of the safety regulations that were necessary. This car needed to have a functioning horn, a seat belt, windshield safety glass and the right type of safety lights. Coulson was able to prove his family wrong with his final design, which was approved by the state of Texas. Nowadays, the tiny car is often seen in veterans’ parades, as Coulson has outfitted it with details that pay homage to his grandfather who fought in World War II.

Although most people would think at first glance that the automobile boasted incredible fuel efficiency, they may be disappointed by the fact that it only churns out about 45 miles to the gallon.

Worlds Smallest Roadworthy Car

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